About Us


We, Pro-Surve Technical Services, LLC began operation to serve the Texas Gulf Coast market and beyond with quality Non-Destructive Testing, inspection and inspection derivative services. Our principals are experienced and recognized throughout.

Our Purposes:

Pro-Surve Technical Services, LLC is in business to provide our client with cost effective, high quality, value added inspections, and non-destructive testing services.

This will be realized only through a commitment to:
• Safety
• Skills, training, and proficiency
• Experience
• Cooperation

Pro-Surve develops relationships with clients that mutually share and appreciate our Purpose and are willing to partner in our endeavor; as opposed to being a services provider selling hours and accepting the client relation as a source of temporary cash flow revenue.

Our Mission:

The mission of Pro-Surve is to “Provide quality mechanical integrity inspection and non-destructive testing services, seamlessly and efficiently with our client’s workflow practices, providing client peace of mind, while valuing our employee’s contributions.”

Our Objective:

Our core objective is to provide accurate and timely solution that assist clients in completing their goals and objectives in an efficient and effective manner. Our services save our clients time, thereby allowing them to focus on other important issues.

Our Future:

Pro-Surve will be the leading source of inspection and non-destructive testing services that complement, and enhances the safety, quality, integrity, and reliability missions of our clients.

“Be the leading source and resource for safety, health, and security programs that enhance works safety, and outcomes for our clients.” — James Cesarini “Founder & CEO”

Our Hours of Operation:

Operation are from 8:00 am CDT to 5:00 pm CDT. Office is open Monday through Friday. During the hours that Pro-Surve is not open the main telephone number is rolled over to one of the office staffs personal phones.

We provide a full range of professional and economical services. Whether it’s high-volume production, or testing individual large, and complex objects, we offer quick turn-around and a high degree of reliability. Contact us for details and pricing

Because we said that we would!” — Pro-Surve Technical Services