Code Compliance

Pro-Surve Technical Services has experienced Inspectors on staff certified by the American Petroleum Institute by examination. We are available to staff both long term and temporary assignments for run and maintain or turnaround inspection support. Our Inspectors have certifications and expertise in the following:

  • API-510 – Authorized Pressure Vessel Inspector
  • API-570 – Authorized Piping Inspector
  • API-571 – Corrosion And Materials
  • API-578 – Positive Material Identification
  • API-580 – Risk Based Inspections
  • API-653 – Authorized Tank Inspector
  • API-QUTE – Qualification of Ultrasonic Testing Examiner
  • API-QUTE-PA – Qualification of Ultrasonic Testing – Phased Array
  • API-QUSE – Ultrasonic C Testing Examiner (sizing)

Pro-Surve Technical Services also has experienced CWI Inspectors on staff to assist you with your project or maintenance needs. Our inspectors are certified by the American Welding Society by examination. We can staff temporary or long term assignments in fabrication facilities or field project sites.

  • AWS – Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)

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