Tubular Inspection

Tubular Inspection is the application of various technologies to detect anomalies such as corrosion and manufacturing defects in multiple different tubes. Tubing can be found in all different places such as boilers, heat exchangers, and other industrial equipment.
By inspection, we usual insert some type of probe into the tubes, one at a time, while data is recorded for later interpretation. The technologies listed below (ECT, RFT, IRIS, and MFL) are all able to detect defects on the outside of the tube from the inside.

Advantages of Tubular Inspection at Pro-Surve:

  • On-site and same day analysis of data.
  • Multiple methods with every crew for optimization of
    flaw detection.
  • Detailed Pre T/A Planning with customer.
  • Proven work flow processes.
  • Electronically formatted data reports.

Example of graphic inspection data report type 1.

Pro-Surve offers eight methods for detecting flaws in typical heat exchangers and boilers:

  • Eddy Current (EC)
  • Eddy Current Array (ECA)
  • Magnetic Saturation Eddy Current (MSEC)
  • Remote Field Eddy Current Testing (RFT)
  • High Remote Field Testing (HRFT)
  • Near Field Testing (NFT)
  • Near Field Array (NFA)
  • Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS)

Example of graphic inspection data report type 2.

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